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Research Centre on European Integration, Faculty of Economics, University of Gdansk

Research Centre on European Integration was established in 1983 by a group of former employees of the Institute of Economic Theory at University of Gdansk, interested in the problems of integration. The statutory objectives of the Centre are:

  • scientific activity - research
  • teaching activities
  • dissemination of information and education

Research Centre on European Integration  is the executor of many research projects and educational co-financed by the European Union and national public funds. The staff of the Centre conducts classes with students in the area of economics and international economic relations in the field of international economics, the theory of integration, economics of European integration and operation of enterprises within the process of european integration. In terms of teaching activities, beside the classes with students, the Centre leads postgraduate studies "Acquisition, implementation and settlement  of european projects".

In the period of its, Research Centre on European Integration cooperated so far with many partners.  Among other these are: Office of the Committee for European Integration in Warsaw, Office of the President of the Republic of Poland, Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Finance, Narodowy Bank Polski, European Commission, Centre for Europe at the University of Warsaw, European Institute at University of Florence, Centre for European Studies (University of Essex), DIW - Berlin, College of Europe Natolin, Polish European Community Studies Association, Grupa LOTOS SA.