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Presentation of EuInteg guests
23 April 2015

Since 2014 our guest, Member of European Parliament, has become President of the Economic Council to the Prime Minister of Poland since 2014... more

Time to register on conference is now
18 April 2015

Next few days are the last time for register to EU Integ Conference 2015. No conference fee is charged for participation. The organizers provide simultaneous Polish-English and English-Polish interpretation. Further details you will find at http://conference-euinteg2015.pecsa.edu.pl/registration

The closest EU challenge
13 April 2015

Dr. Anna Visvizi EuInteg conference spekar, wrote an article about first days of SYRIZA goverment in Greece on stosunki.pl portal. 

Who stands behind the conference - vol. 2
1 April 2015

Dr. Marta Pachocka is the second person after prof. Latoszek, who has the biggest impact on Conference issues. Dr. Pachocka was graduated at Warsaw School of Economics and she is secretary of Polish European Community Studies Assocation... more 

Webportal stosunki.pl published an article
28 March 2015

Ewa Osuch - Rak is one of the organisers of the EUInteg Conference and will be moderated discussion panel "Innovative Economy for the sustainable growth in the EU". Whole text "Jak przekuć teorię w praktykę?" on stosunki.pl