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Who stands behind conference - vol. 1

Let us introduce EuInteg Conference project manager - Professor Ewa Latoszek
27 March 2015

Professor Ewa Latoszek, who manage the Conference, has a great experience at the European Integration topics - she is the director od Polish European Community Studies Association, head of Jean Monnet European Union Unit at Warsaw School of Economics and the member of team working over Europe 2020 horizon. more

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25 years of Polish transformation
28 June 2015
Martin Holland's profile
7 May 2015

‎EuropeanStudies‬ are also present at Antipodes. At ‪EuInteg‬ conference Asia&Pacific branch of academic researches about EU will be represent by Martin Holland, professor from New Zealand! His profile

Latvian EU presidency
5 May 2015

Latvia is taking the presidency of European Union till the end of June. The article wrtitten by one of EuInteg organisers Marta Dobrzycka.

Anniversary of Polish European Integration
1 May 2015

Polish Foreign Office has prepared brief summary, concerning results of 11 years in EU: raport MSZ

New sphere of Foreign Office's activity
27 April 2015

In international relations public diplomacy is the communication with foreign publics to establish a dialogue designed to inform and influence. It is practiced through a variety of instruments and methods ranging from personal contact and media interviews to the internet and educational exchanges. Broader info